For some parent that is single mom or single dad. It is going to be difficult to make use of their time well and sometimes having no time for his or her children. In just cleaning the house, most the time of the parent would be consumed and most of the time their available time to clean the house and making the place free from dirt is still not enough. You need to make use of your rest time to spend with your kid or maybe cooking some foods or preparing for your work duties in the office. The house keeping duties of yours need to be maximized and need a lot of patience in making it. You have to make sure that you will make everything smoothly and properly so that you can achieve the result you wanted to have. It is better to make more time spending with your kids than doing household chores. Especially if your kids are just so small and don’t know how to walk or they don’t understand whatever you say. Here, in this part we are going to get to know those steps and ways to make use of your little time in cleaning your place spotless and have more free time to enjoy with your daughter or son. The same thing around, using some ideas and thinking of some good ways where you kids can join you while making your house free from stain and dirt.  


You can use some natural way of cleaning and making your house dirt-free. Try using some of your kitchen’s condiments. In this way, you don’t need to worry about suing harmful and strong solutions to your floor or bathroom’s tiles. If you have a bathtub or slippery floor in your bathroom. You can try to use some lemon mixed with some salt. Combine these two ingredients and you are ready to scrub and make your tub clean as new and your bathroom’s floor smooth. In this part, you would only need to spend less money instead of buying harsh one to be used for making it clean. At the same time, your kids can help you with it as you don’t need to worry that your kid would smell it and be harmful to her health.  

If your kid enjoyed doing this then that is already a good start. But of course, don’t do it too much. You can’t let your kids do this with you every time. Try to make a schedule and plan this one for a short time, every day. You can try to give her the tasks where both of you can do it and the times in a week that you can do that kind of cleaning.  

Another way to make everything cool is to enjoy this cleaning bonding time. Don’t let her or him feel that he or she has to do it because you need someone to help you. Instead try to be more creative and let her understand that we are not just cleaning here but moreover we are spending time together.