Any homeowner who understands the importance of homemaking would want to fill up or decorate the house walls. It is a perfect place for it to be filled with something just so the house won’t feel so empty. However, it is important that before any decorations are put up it is important for you to make sure that your walls are in pretty good shape. If it is unfinished and it isn’t the look you are going for, it might be a good idea to remember that you might want to hire stucco companies colorado springs if that is what you want to. You can also hire people to finish using whatever material that you prefer for your wall. That way you are safer and cooler.  


In this article, you will learn some ideas on how to fill up your house to lessen its emptiness but still remain uncluttered and more put together than ever. 




You can certainly add floating shelves in your walls. It is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and it can help add some much-needed storage to the home without making the home feel like it is cluttered. A good quality floating shelve can totally make the whole thing look a lot more live in.  




Rugs and pattern textiles can definitely bring in a pop of color without any problems. It is easy to deal with and it is not too complicated to do. It is also a lot easier to change when you are in a mood for a new color. It brings in warmth and texture and that is something that could be considered awesome.  


  1. ART  


You can fill up that big blank wall with art, if you prefer the uncluttered vibe use an oversized art, or if you like to feature a lot of arts from different artists you can use tiny versions of it. It is rather an amazing thing to do, you can go for the local artists or you can buy from your preferred artists, either way, you are always good to go.  




Picture walls are awesome if you like to commemorate the memories you’ve gathered along the way. You can create a lot of styles and a lot of feels about it. You can go as colorful as you like or as toned down as you can be. You can’t go wrong with memories on the wall.  




Those essentials items you didn’t really put in any thought before you can totally bring that into focus in the home. Oversized calendars, dream boards, cork boards, big maps. It all depends on you and that alone is pretty much amazing.  


You can go crazy or as subtle as you want in decorating the walls. It’s all up to you and that is something that you can control with. You can also hire an interior decorator if you like or you can do it on your own.